Perspective - a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.

‘Seeing comes before words (...) It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world.’ John Berger, ‘Ways of seeing’

Perception is an utterly subjective act. What you see is solely yours, concealed from anyone else. How you see exclusively depends on your senses. How you receive and process is hidden in the depths of your mind, impossible to share with anyone else.

Photography captures the perception of an individual and allows others to access it. It is an opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of someone else; an attempt to externalise the personal ways of seeing. It conveys colours, angels, places, faces, moments exactly how the photographer has seen them.

Taking photos of the city is visually mapping its street corners, pavements, walls, windows and curbs. Through deconstructing and reconstructing the city, the photographer is not just an observer of urban life. In ‘Perspectives’, the role of the photographer was to redesign and rebuild the city through its details disdain by the ordinary passerbys. She became a co-creator of the space, a voracious stroller unsated by passive observation. In this book, the curious flâneur became a sophisticated urban planner, arranging the fragments of everyday metropolitan experience into an elaborate jigsaw. This form of photographic architecture serves as an creative expression of spatial tactics, the artist’s way to control the city in accordance to her perception of it.

‘Perspectives’ is a journey, a guided urban exploration inviting the viewer to observe the city through Korobkiewicz’s eyes, focusing on the details, patterns and shapes that they wouldn’t otherwise notice. The form of the book with its step-like segments of juxtaposed photographs conveys the motion of the city and further enhances the experience of shaping the urban space.

Through the interactive design, Korobkiewicz encourages the viewer to contribute to the game she plays with the city itself - to co-create and reinterpret the book exactly how she unravels the patterns and structures of urban space. ‘Perspectives’ is about variations in ways of seeing in every sense of that term. Although Korobkiewicz’s extraordinary perception of the streets immortalised in the book controls what the viewer will see, how they see it is autonomous, granting them the freedom to incorporate their personal perspective into the book.

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