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‘Lined with books and trimmed with lace doilies, there are few inanimate objects that embody the spirit of Soviet-inspired decor as the trusty wall unit.

Polish photographer Paulina Korobkiewicz agrees. Her new zine, WALL UNIT / MEBLOŚCIANKA explores interior design and its socio-historical roots, using photos to investigate how socialism influenced contemporary taste and aesthetics.’

- Katie Davies, The Calvert Journal


Publication: September 2018, London

Publisher: Self-published

Edition: First

Print run: 50 copies

Size: 360 x 289mm

Format: Tabloid, Newsprint

Type of paper: 55gsm newsprint stock

Number of pages: 44 with 25 images

Text: ENG / PL

Price: £20 + Shipment

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WALL UNIT is a visual exploration of interior decorations and their sociohistorical roots. In the project, through the photos of furniture from the socialist era, individual decisions made inside of private spaces testify of the collective history of the nation. Wall unit uses the material remains of the system as a tool for investigation of how socialism influenced contemporary taste and aesthetics in Poland and neighbouring Lithuania.

The tabloid format of Wall Unit was inspired by newspapers from the socialist period and chosen deliberately to convey the impression that the work itself could have been a part of the interiors from that time.

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