Publication: June 2017 London

Pages: 45 pages over 22 spreads

Edition: First, 100 copies

Print: HP Indigo

Size: 249mm(w) x 320mm(h)

Paper: Fedrigoni Acroprint Extra White 100gsm

Finishing: French folded, signer sewn

Other materials: Transparent plastic sleeve (Envypak) 

Print management: Cassochrome (Belgium) 

Binding: Cahiersteek & Stanswerk (Netherlands) 

Design by: SO

Published by: Camberwell Press

Supported by: SEE (Student Enterprise and Employability) and Cassochrome

ISBN: 978 -1-908971 - 53 -1

ISBN: 978 -1-908971 - 53 -1

Perspectives documents everyday street views and architecture. The book is produced in collaboration with Camberwell Press as an outcome of Camberwell Book Prize 2016. 

Korobkiewicz photographs objects that enter our ordinary field of vision – street corners, fences, staircases, and walls –and assembles them into considered studies on colour and composition. Forms we process passively acquire new meaning and are re-imagined into deft arrangements through a range of lighting and cropping techniques.

There is a dynamism beaming throughout the book, as the corners of images spill onto following pages, echoing the meandering of city streets. The viewer is guided on a tour of housing blocks, steered along a series of steps, elevations, platforms, and balconies. Familiar landscapes are intensified through repetition and sequencing, injecting the pages with movement. Perspectives decodes the classical method of studying images – the focus is not on the individual image, but rather a collective series.

Korobkiewicz argues, “the book is intended to extend the viewer’s experience of viewing the photographs featured inside it.” Compiled of segments from all the images inside the book, the cover possesses a ‘step-like’ quality. Architectural nuances embedded in the book’s format shift the viewer from simply observing the images to interacting with them, retracing the steps and paths of the everyday.

Maggie Kuzan, London 2017

The Camberwell Book Prize was founded to support emerging graduates from the Photography programme at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London. The project supports a proposal for an experimentally orientated publication, through a series of workshops, design consultation and production budget. It aims to contribute to the evolving research and ideas around artists’ books and to support ambitious graduates in seeking audiences for their practices. The project was initiated by Duncan Wooldridge and Sigune Hamann.

Jurors 2016: Duncan Wooldridge, Sigune Hamann, and James Edgar.

Thanks to Duncan Wooldridge, Samuel Jones, James Edgar, Sigune Hamann, Oliver Boulton, Laurence Soens, Chelsea College of Arts Artists Book Collection, V&A Artists Book Collection.

Book Launch and Signing: Thursday, 8th June from 6 until 8.30 pm, The Photographers' Gallery bookshop,16-18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW

Book available to purchase in London at The Photographers's Gallery bookshop, The South London Gallery and Le Bal bookshop in Paris.