The Calvert Journal: Take me home. Eastern Europe through the eyes of a new generation / by Paulina Korobkiewicz

FINAL WEEK: Selected photographs from Disco Polo series are still on display at Calvert 22 as a part of 'Post Soviet Visions: image and identity in the new Eastern Europe', 23 Feb - 15 April.

Find out more about the exhibition via The Calvert Journal, words by Anastasia FedorovaRead the article here.

'The study of unique architectural settings is one of the main preoccupations of the new generation of photographers from eastern Europe. At the same time, the visual narrative they construct goes much further than just documentation. It’s not about capturing the existing space, but about contributing to the ever-shifting character of the environment. In her project Disco Polo, Paulina Korobkiewicz studies the urban aesthetics of eastern Poland after 1989, focusing on the peculiar signs of its transition to global capitalism. Plastic palm trees make streets into a globalist non-place. A patchwork of colourful advertising and pastel shades over tower block architecture illustrates the contemporary collision of influences from East and West.'